11/21/2011-TESLA’s NON-THEORY

Today was Conditioning (the modern word for cardio that isn’t about going nowhere fast)

warm up-1min jog and some rolling around-

Then 10 sets of 30 sec sprints with 30 sec off, then run back (12min total)    Imediatly followed with 1min jumprope with 1min (12 burpies) 12 rounds    Then 5×12 med ball squat jumps with 8 1min rounds of kickboxing    3×12 lunge jumps 3×30 frog jumps- 40 min total non-stop then ab circuit of 5×10 decline situps, 3×12 dragon flys, 3×30 weighted leg raises, 3×60 weighted bike crunch, 5 more burpies with 5×30 v-ups

The whole thing lasted 90min then i stretched

Bike:about45min total

I did some Martial arts at home: 3 more burpiesx12 kicks, uppercuts, and heavy bag slams-5 more 30 rep v-ups and some med ball twistx60.



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