It is weird I am spacing the exercise through the day =doing 10-20min drills at mod+High intensity, I think this is more apt to how survival fitness really is, I believe the long bike is enough to build general endurance along with weight sessions. I hope to get some pool time come warmer temps and also get some hiking/canoeing in as well(definitely not planning on long distance running (no more than 1.5miles)

AM) abs

bike (20min 711=20min back)

100 burpies (2×30 2×20)/100 push ups/400 situps/100 hindu squats/3x1min roll ups) 1min hardening drill with flutter kicks


10min run(2x 3min hard w/1min rest) 1×30 burpies 2x1min heavy bag knees /5min jump rope = 20min total


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