12/19/2011-Almost MonDay Arms


So I woke up bike to beachside 35-40min

Biked back 45min-got off bike- 12min of sprint work

Later= rode another 20min 711/then 20back

YOGA= lotus holds/dragonfly holds/get-ups/lying dog holds/planks/chinx 10×2/abs+5x12reverse 5×10 dcl situps/  all at once 100burpies (1x401x30,2×15) v-ups 200=100 frog jumps (1×30,1×20,1×30,1×20) 100 pushups, 2×20 burpies, 1x12burpies, heavy bag knees 2x1min, 1min punches, 2×50 roundhouse kicks,

SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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