12/27- TAKE HEED


BIKE-10min x2

LIFT- squat 5×5 w/155

A1) MIL PRESS 5X6-7 W/ 75

A2) BB ROWS 5×5 w/110

B1) CHINS w/band asst 5×6

B2) RD DEADS 4×8 w/ 155

C1) DIPS 5×7 BW

C2) weighted leg raises 5×12

D) decline situps 5×10 w/1min twist last set

D2) planks 4x1min weighted(2each side/2 front)

+ pushups x 1min max (about 50-65)

+ weighted pushups (3×15)

Back bridges 3x1min +mountain climbers 2x1min


THEN about 30min later + 3min run w/pack, drop pack, low incline hill sprints 12x 25-30 sec with jog down+ run back 2min+ grab 2x50lb dumbell= 10min of Farmers walk, about 5min straight, short break, 2x2min, 3x45sec,  then 3×15 dumbell swings 50lb- 3min run + 2min cool down run+

3x1min med ball twist+ 2×6 rack chins+ 2×12 band flys+ 1×30 burnout band curls+1×30 burnout band flys+ 1×30 burnout band one arm rows

later + 100 frog jumps (2×30 2×20) 20 v-pushups

later still+ 100 burpies (1×30,1×20,1×25, 1×15, 3min heavy bag knees/elbows, 1×15 burpees)

ALSO ABOUT 20min stretching.


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