animal track - mountain lion

am) 5×3 chins/5×10 situps/100pushups/50getups/100hindu squats/3x30leg raises/3x1min mountain climbers/planks4min/300vups

about 200 burpies-kickboxing

PM) A1) deads 5×5 last set drop set

A2) Incline bench 5×5 drop set

B1) front squats 2×5,3×8 leg ext dropset

B2) Chins w/band 5×6

C1) mil press BB 5×8 last set 45plate pressx10

C2) DB rows 5×7 last two cable rows drop set

D1) Dips 5×5 last set drop sets

D2) 4×10 Hammer curls last set drop set

D3) upright rope rows 3×8/15

D4) low pully rope rows 3×15

1×50 box jumps (about three sets to get 50)

E1) leg raises 5×15

E2) decline tri pushups 5×8-10

E3) cable curls 3×10 drop set =30

E4) cable press/fly 2×12-15 drop set =30

E5) pulldown 1×30 drop set

E6) situps 1×30 w 10lb twist

Later) 3×12 lunge jumps,100 frog jumps,20 min jump rope/kickboxing, heavy bag flips=more burpies+pushups

About 300 total burpees total

About 20,20,20 bike rides


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