1×20 burpees

Deads 5×5-3×4

A1) bench 1×15 5×5

A2) Asisted pull-ups 6×6

B1) dips 5×6

B2) rack curls/chins 5×6

Abs 5×10

(1×30,2×20,2×15 burpees)

later this afternoon I went on a trail run through woods( not really a trail more dodging trees then through fields/ranchland on my sisters property,very rough) did abotu 20min jogging with some short burst, then about 6 sets of 20-30 sec sprints. Total time about 29-30min

did circuit of (8-9sets of 20-15 burpees)/100 lunges/400vups/3×15 incline pushups/3×12 neck pulls w/band /3x1min mountain climbers=about 25min



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