AM) decline situps 5×10 supersetted 5×3 chins     Planks/back bridges 4x1min each burpees 4×25 through day after biking (pushups 4×20)

Today was Push #2= A1- front squats 1×12(85)3×8(95) a2- DB mil press 3×8 (30lbs DB) a3- B/w dips 4×6 Rest 45 sec between giant sets b1- BB hack squats 4×8 w/175-last set reped out on leg extx15 b2- incline BB bench 3×8 w/85 b3- feet up pushups 3×10 rest 45sec btwn giant sets incline leg raises 5×10 decline situsps 5×20-three sets oblique ups total workout time = 23min with weights then 14min abs=40min total

Then later 250 burpees+5×10 band press/3x8tricep ext/3×8 band lat raises/500 vups/ pushups


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