AM) 250 burpees+100 pushups+ 300 vups+ planks + heavy bag 3min

Bike = 20 min + 50 burps+ pushups

PM) lift-

A1- RD dead’s 4×6-8

A2- BB rows 4×8

A3- dB rows 4×8

B1- leg curls 4×8

B2- CG chins 4×6

B3- hammer curls 4×6-8

C1- leg lifts w/weights 5×12

C2-moutain climbers 5×60

C3- cable pulls downs standing 5×8

D1- weighted sit-ups slant board 5×15

D2- side bends w/55lb db 3×15

D3- incline pushups w/db grip 3×15

D4- box jumps knee high 5×12

D5- 3x1min boxer punches w/10pb on decline board

LATER- 50 burps+ 150 vups+1min mountain climbers+50 pushups


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