AM) bike 20min+

15min to gym


BB rows 5×6+drop sets

Chins then to pulldown for drop set 5×6 w/drop sets

DB rows w. driop set cable row 4×8+ drop sets

tri ext 4×8 +drop sets

A1) cg bench 4×8

A2) Cg push  4×6

B1) hang cleans 5×5

B2) dips 5xr6 Abs- 5×15 declien situps + 5×10 leg raises+ 3×12 hanging leg raises + 3×60 sec russian twist.

15-20 min interval bike home

circuit=25burpees/50vups= 10min+3x1min heavy bag total=15min- 100 burpees- 200 vups

later 100 burpees in sets of 20 + vups+ med ball stuff




Planks (3x1min 25lbs, 3x1min obliques)

back bridges 4x1min

pushups 100


Each of the bars of the blue “Star of Life” represents the six system function of the EMS, as illustrated below: The capitol letter “R” enclosed in the circle on the right represents the fact that the symbol is a “registered” certification.

The snake and staff in the center of the symbol portray the staff Asclepius who, according to Greek mythology, was the son of Apollo (god of light, truth and prophecy). Supposedly Asclepius learned the art of healing from the centaur Cheron; but Zeus – king of the gods, was fearful that because of the Asclepius knowledge, all men might be rendered immortal. Rather than have this occur, Zeus slew Asclepius with a thunderbolt. Later, Asclepius was worshipped as a god and people slept in his temples, as it was rumored that he effected cures of prescribed remedies to the sick during their dreams.

Asclepius was usually shown in a standing position, dressed in a long clock, holding a staff with a serpent coiled around it. The staff has since come to represent medicine’s only symbol. In the Caduceus, used by physicians and the Military Medical Corp., the staff is winged and has two serpents intertwined. Even though this does not hold any medical relevance in origin, it represents the magic wand of the Greek diety, Hermes, messenger of the gods.

The Bible, in Numbers 21:9, makes reference to a serpent on a staff: “Moses accordingly made a bronze serpent and mounted it on a pole and whenever anyone who had been bitten by a serpent looked at the bronze serpent, he recovered.

Who may use the “Star of Life” symbol? NHTSA has exclusive rights to monitor its use throughout the United States. Its use on emergency medical vehicles certifies that such vehicles meet the U.S. Department of Transportation standards and certify that the emergency medical care personnel who use it have been trained to meet these standards. Its use on road maps and highway signs indicates the location or access to qualified emergency care services. No other use of the symbol is allowed, except as listed below:

States and Federal agencies which have emergency medical services involvement are authorized to permit use of the “Star of Life” symbol summarized as follows:

1. As a means of identification for medical equipment and supplies for installation and use in the Emergency Medical Care Vehicle-Ambulance.

2. To point to the location of qualified medical care services and access to such facilities.

3. For use on shoulder patches worn only by personnel who have satisfactorily completed DOT training courses or approved equivalents, and for persons who by title and function administer, directly supervise, or participate in all or part of National, State, or community EMS programs.

4. On EMS personnel items – badges, plaques, buckles, etc.

5. Books, pamphlets, manuals, reports or other printed material having direct EMS application.

6. The “Star of Life” symbol may be worn by administrative personnel, project directors and staff, councils and advisory groups. If shoulder patches are worn, they should be plain blue “Star of Life” on a white square or round background. The function, identifying letters or words should be printed on bars and attached across the bottom separately. The edges of the basic patch and functional bars are to be embroidered.

Special function identification and physical characteristics must be adhered to when applying the “Star of Life” to personal items, as follows:

a) Administrative and dispatcher personnel must use a silver colored edge, and the staff of Asclepius should be with a silver colored serpent. These items do not need a white background.

b) The shoulder patches and other EMS patches may be displayed on uniform pockets and the symbol can also be placed on collars and headgear.

This article was taken from Rescue-EMS Magazine, July-August 1992


Each of the six “points” of the star represents an aspect of the EMS System.

They are:

  • Detection
  • Reporting
  • Response
  • On Scene Care
  • Care In Transit
  • Transfer to Definitive Care

The staff on the star represents Medicine and Healing.



biking 20min -some jump around

pushups 4×25 x5x1min moutain climbers

chins 6×6/dips 5×6/{leg raises 5×10/decline situps 6×10 w 1min twist}/

 deadlifts 6×4,5,5,5,5,5/ handstand pushups 4×8



Biking 2x30min +pushups 100 pylo pushups 5×5 6min mountain climbers 9min planks+ 5×8 inver chins




AM) Circuit- 20min ( 20burps/1min jumprope)

A1) dips 5×6

a2) pull-ups 5×6

B1) squats 8×8-5

B2) mil press 5×6

C1) invert rows 5×8

C2) lunges/split squat 3×8

C3) med ball pushups 5×8

C4) BB rows 5×8

C5) BB curls 5×6

ABS- 5×10 leg lift/5×10 decline situps

burpees 100 + 300 vups

Planks- pylo pushups 5×5+100 regular


A1) front squats- 3×10
A2) bench 5×12,6,8,8,8
A3) chins 3×4
B1) tri ext 4×8
B2) DB press 4×10
B3) bent over lat raises 4×10
B4) dcl situps 3×15
C1) INCLINE db fly 3×8
c2) lat pulls 3×10
C3) hang leg raises 3×10
30 burps

BIKE 2×30 min

PM2) burps 2×20+2×25 getups= 300 vups= pushups=burps

TOTAL=400 + burpees today !@#$%




each day consisted of biking some canoeing (pushups-maybe some abs/pullups) thurs was also 100 burpees



@x30min bikes 2min run 15×25-30sec sprint up slight hill with jog down then into 2min run then 4x1min sprints w/45sec rest then jog 2min into 1:30 sprint
Weighted planks 3x1min front 3x1min each side+ 10 OH situps.
RX Circuit-
4x 50lb litter carry 5×20 pushups 5×10 leg raises 5×10 decline situps 5x6chins SUB for MED BALL/ 4×25 burpees 5×5 clap pushups w/5x1min mountain climbers   later: Burpees 20 vups 50 repeat until 165 burpees/ 450 vups with 4x1min med ball twist in as well last three sets burpees were divebomber pushups in bottom