Circuit= Burpees 25/ jump rope 1min/100 rotations X repeat for 25min+ 5min kickboxing/Burpees

Then continue 20burps + vups(50) then 5×12 decline situps/ 5×25 pushups

Then 5×5 Deadlifts (205) w/ vups (50) in between then 3x1min med ball rotations

5×8 med ball pushups + 5×6 invert chins +Burpees + 6min planks / 4min back bridges

Total = 350 Burpees


A1- Stiff leg deads 5×8-10

 A2-Chins 5×5 (1 drop set)

B1- snatch 4×8

B2- cable preacher curls 4×10 (drop set)

C1- upright rows 4×8

C2- invert rows 4×8

D1- hammer curls 4×8 (drop set)

D2- leg raises 5×10

E1- dips 5×6

E2- pull downs standing 3×10 (drop sets)

E3- decline situps 5×15

E4- cable rope rows 3×8-10 (drop sets)

THEN @ home

50 get ups

3×10 invert rows

3×10 pylo pushups

3×15 burpees

150 vups



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