Lower-quad/calves-emphasis with B/W full cals

Squats DROP SETS 5X6

Front squats 4×8 drop sets

Hack squats BB 3×8 w/5x8pistols for drop set

Calf raises STD 4×8 drop sets

Seated C R 4×8 drop sets

ABS- 5×12 dragon fly/5×15 decline situps/ Dips 5×6

Chins 5×6-8

6min of planks

4×10 wieghted pushups

 20 min bike home w/30-45 sec intervals

 5x5pylo clap pushups 5x1min mountain climbers

4x1min back bridges+ stretching

later=25burps/50vups/20burps/vups/20burps/vups/15dbburps/vups/15DBburps/2min kickboxing/15db burps/vups



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