A!) Bench 5×6 drop sets

B2) Push press 4×8 drop sets

C1) incline SB press 4×8 drop sets

D1) CG chins 5×6 drop sets

e!) bb Curls 3×8 drop sets

F1) DB hammer curls 4×6

F2) Cable curls 4×8

Dips 5×6


Ride home 15min+


25min= 20 burps/1min jump rope circuit

Abs 5×12 leg raises+5×10 decline situps

Planks 6x1min weighted front and oblique

5×10 weighted pushups

PM) burpees (20’s) vups(50’s) 5×10 invert pull, 5×5 pylo pushups, 3×12 lunge jumps, 2×50 get ups, moutain climbers (5x1min) kicks/twist =

450burpees- total/ several hundred pushups stuff


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