6^19= Tuesday


AM) pushupsx4x25 – Back bridges 4x1min- vups- 6x50 – 3x1min mad Russians
RUN- 14min hard
Sprints 10x20sec (+100yrd)
Vups- 50 + 2x100 flutter kicks


a1)Squat thruster (3×8 w/40lbs DB OH)

a2)DB rows 3×12

Burpees 3×10 40lb DB

B1)DB OH Bench 4×8-10 w/ 40lbs

B2)Cable reverse fly OH 30lb

C1)Pullups w/band 6×6

C2)Med ball pushups 6×10

D1)Curls DB 25lb 4×10

D2)Shrugs DB 45 4×20

Circuit=(leg raises 5×10/weighted decline situps 5×15/dips 5×7)

Burpees into squat press 3×12 w/ 20lb DB’s

Bike 20min

Burpees 5×15 w/ 5x 10 invert row BW/100vups




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