6/24/ SUNDAY


Pushups 3×25 /bridges x3x1min


Pushups w/knee to elbow 4×20

Invert chins 6×6-8

Back bends into standing position 5×12

Clap pushups 5×5= into mountain climbers 5x1min

Side lunges 3×12 each leg

Then Burpees 1×50 +heavy bag deadlift flipx1min +

Divebomber Burpees high jump x15+ HB flip 1min+ 15 DV burps+

 HB flip 1min+ 20 DV burps+ HB knees w/ run in place 2x1min

15 burps (3×50 vups,3x1min med ball rotations,3x1min flutter kicks) 15 burps




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