Eight Count BB x 4x12 (50lb DB)
A1) squat thrust BB 4x6-8
A2) DB row 50's 4x8
B1) BB bench 4x8 
b2) DB clean 50's 4x6 each arm
c1) chins 5x6
c2) decline situps 5x10

Met con- ( burpees 1×30, 1min jumprope, Burp 1×25, 1min jumprope, Burp 1×20, 1min jumprope, burp 1×15, 1min jumprope, 15burp+ 2x1min heavy bag knees)=15min

into circuit=
D1) dips 5x8
d2) curls 5x6
d3) upright rows 5x6
d4) leg raises 5x12
weighted planks 6x1min w 50lb vest
50lb vest pushups on bench 4×8
back bends 4x1min
PM) burps 1×20, rows 1×10, vups 50, med ball twistx1min, flutter kicks 1min=repeat 6rounds
burps 1×15 vups 50= repeat 3-5 times, 5×5 clap pushups w. 5x1min moutain climbers
2×25 rollups into jump, vups 50. 4×12 back bends into standing position.

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