Deadlift 5×6,5,5,5,5 (205)

A1)front sqaut 5×5 (115)

A2) decline situps 5×12

Sprints w/50lb vest 30 sec on rest 30 sec then 30sec back + 10 rep weighted puhsup

repeat 5x ( total 10 sprints 5×10 pusups)=12min

Then A1) box jumps x15+ incline pushups x10-15+ pistol B/W one leg squat x6onto box= repeat 5 rounds

total= 5×15 jumps/5x6pistols/5×15 pushups= 11min

SLDL w/ 20lb DB 3×12 each leg

vups 6×50 w/1min med ball rotationx3, flutter kicks 3xx1min+ 2x25pushups+3×12 bridges into standing+3x1min bridge

about 20-40min total mountain bike- light-4-5min real hard

PM) circuit= 20burpees+ 12 invert rows= 5 rounds (100 burpees+5×12 invert rows+ 50 vups)


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