Past few days

Thursday 6/28

AM) 4×25 pushups 4x1min back bridges


500+ 10×25 speed w/25 easy =1000+ 500 intervals+ 200 breast stroke+ 2×25 underwater=250 free

2000 yrds total= 55min straight

PM) 20 Burpees/50 vups= repeat 6rounds+ 20 burps+ 3×10 med ball situps+ 3x1min med ball slams+

10 burps/ 10 invert rows/ 3×20 knee to elbow pushups

Total=250 Burpees/5×10 invert chins/500 vups/3x1min med ball twist+ 6min planks+ 3×12 bridge to standing.

Friday 6/27 biking 1hr

Circuit 100 burps/ bag flips/ 100 pushups/5×12 invert chins

Circuit later- DB one 50lb deadlift and press 5×10 (both hands one DB)/decline situps 5×10/ Burpees 10×15/ decline leg raises 5×12/ DB 50lb side Cleans 5x6each arm

400 vups (sets of 50) lunge jumps 3×25-more burps-5×10 leg up pushups- invert row 5×10

Saturday 6/28


100 Burpees-pushups-rows-vups-med ball situps

Sunday 6/29


100 Burpees/bag flips/invert rows/pushups/vups/planks


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