(warm up 4×25 pushups+4x1min back bridges+ 3x1min each side oblique planks)


burpees 1×50

heavy bag flips 1min

divebomber burpees 1×15

HB flips 1x1min

DV burpees 1×15

HB flips 1x1min

DV burps 1×15

50lb DB swing 1×15

HB knees 1min

burps 15

50lb db swing 1×15

hb knees 1minin

burps 15

50db swing 1×15 rest 30 sec 15more

10burps 1×15 swings 10 burps 1min 50 lb rows (15 sec one side 15 the other then repeat)= 23min total time

Rode the bike 30min (dropped did 30 burps+ 1min mountain climbers – 20 pushups-3chins-12 leg raises- did that 2x then rode bike to gym(20min) after my volunteer time at hospital


Deadlifts 5×5 w/205 then 1×3 w/ 215

Rest is all supersetted

A1) pullups with band assist 6×6

A2) dips b/w 6×8

A3) weighted decline situps 6×15

B1) decline ab twist with weight 3x1min

B2) leg raises 5×12

B3) burpees with 30lb db’s into clean and press 5×6

back bends into standing 3×12- chins 3×3

bike home 20min 5min sprint+ 20 burpees

And then Condition Plus

burpees 20

Vups 50/ invert rows 10X repeat 6 rounds

burpeesx 15 + bike crunch/flutter kicks 1min =repeat 3rounds

rollups into jump 2×25+ med ball pushupsx 5×10

jump squats 25+ pushups with leg jumps to each sidex10 (3rounds)


Later- burpees 15- twisting med ball slams 1min (15 each side)- 3 rounds w 50 vups

then 20 jumps/20 pushups with leg jumps/50vups/15burpees


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