Warm up:

5 Rounds
10 Bulgarian split squats each leg
10 Push ups
30 second cumulative L sit hold on dip bars

Deadlifts- (warm upsx10,10,5)

5reps w/205

5reps w/210

5reps w/215

5reps w/ 220

3reps w/ 225

A1) DEADS w/ 150 (21,15,9) without any pauses

A2) DIPS w/ BW (21,15,9) did 21 in 10,6,5+ did 15 in 9,6 +did 9 in one set

Total time= 7min 35sec

THEN Burpees 20, decline situps w/10lb 15, chins w/band 6-8 ( 5 ½ rounds 20min)+          Burpeesx15 ( 3sets divebomber) (3sets with broad jumps)+ decline bench leg raisesx 12+ BB curls increase weight each round (21,10,8,6,6)= 5rounds=

Total time both circuits 43min (215 total Burpees)

PM) Burpees 15+vups 50X 6rounds

        Rollups 2×25+ med ball pushups 5×8+ vups 3×50 with bicycle crunches 60

       Burpees 15+ med ball slams 1min x 3rounds

       Back bends 3×12+ flutter kicks 3x1min

TOTAL today Burpees 400+


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