AM) REAL EARLY_ 100 vups+ 5×6 50lb DB floor press+1min mountain climbers

NOON- Bike 30min 
         Drop down- Circuit= 20 Burpees (squat in to pushups into jump style, (full Burpees only kind done)
                                               1min mountain climbers
                                               15 one leg up pushups
                                              12 hanging leg raises
                     { 5 ROUNDS In 21 min}

Bike 30 min home (20 Burpees+25 pushups)

About 1hr later

Warm up as RX (BLG squat b/w 10+10 pushups+ 10 sit-ups –did decline sit-ups instead of L-holds ,Figured I would alternate?)


10, 7, 5, warm ups

5w/ 185

5 reps w/ 190

5 reps w/ 190

5 reps w/192

5 reps w/195- (new PR for 5reps!)

5 reps w/195

5 reps w/195 ( barely got 5)

AMRAP 30min (15 hang power snatch w 45lb olybar, 15 invert chins in power cage, 400meter run)
GOT 8 Rounds in 33min– Then 30 Burpees w/ 1×12 decline sit-ups+3x1min med ball twist+ 3×100 flutter kicks 4x1min back bridges-stretch 20min-various splits, 3×12 back bridge to standing, planches


Burpees x 1min (15)
Vups x 1min (50)
10lb med ball twisting slams x 1min (33)- last round did 100 slams straight (20min tt)
5 rounds + 1more set 20burpees+50 vups+ 20 pushups+ 100 knee pulls to chest.



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