7-18- WED

Last night 100 pushups+ 3×10 med ball sit-ups+ 3x1min mountain climbers+ 4x1min back bridges+ 1min each side feet up oblique planks 3 each side (6min) + 2x1min front planks feet up.

Wednesday AM) 5×25 pushups 4x1min back bridges

Bike gym (15-20min)

Circuit- 30burpees+ 1min mountain climbers+ 15 decline weighted sit-ups+ 8 band assisted close grip chins+ 20 Burpees+1min mountain climbers+ 15 Dcl Wght sit-ups+ 5 unassisted chins,4more assisted+ repeat 3 more rounds= total 25min (110 Burpees)

Then bike 20min (drop do 15-20burpees+ 15 pushups w/hands on elevated surfaces to allow below parallel+ 12 hanging leg raises) 3 rounds= 8min.



Front Squats- 10 x bar , 7, (all nice and deep, feet not wide,shoulder width, elbows up xcept on 125)

5 reps 95 In between warm ups- 5×8 dips/ 5×12 Lsit raises with hold

5 reps 105

5 reps 115 (new PR)

3 reps 125

4 reps 120

5 reps 115

5 reps 115


5×6 w/85% 5repmax squats=165 (30reps total)-6min 10sec+ 1mile run=11min (went 1 1/2+ by accident) + squats 2×6, 1×3 w/90% (15total)+ 1mile run

total time 33min 25sec

LATER: 3x1min med ball twist + 3x1min flutter kicks

50 straight burpees

LATER:WOD#3- Burpees 15+vups 50=7rounds + INVERT ROWS at end(21,15,9) w/4x60bike crunches= about 30min

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