Saturday July 21 2012-

1hr bike


Warm ups/(yoga holds/unweighted BLG squats)

5×6 pull-ups+ 5×8 dips

Warm up sets 10-10-7-5-5

Deadlift 3 sets of 3 repetitions at 90% of 5 rep max

1×3 @95% 5 rep max

1×5 w/220 (99% 1rep max)


Amrap in 20 minutes

10 wall ball 15#

5 burpee broad jumps using med ball (pushup on top,deadlift, clean, broad jump, repeat.)

100 m run holding onto wall ball

Got 13-14 rounds in 23minutes (last round was 20 wall shots,5 burp, 200m run, 5 more burp)

35min stretch/core 3x1min back bends (12 reps) 4x1min bridges, 3x1min each side oblique planks, 1x2min front plank- (all with feet on bench), pushups(30,25,25,20,15,15) one leg up. Various stretch. 35min total


100burpees (7min 30 sec,last 40 were divebomber pushups on bottom)

Then 1min heavy bag knees, 1min heavy bag flips (3sets), 10-15 invert rows(5sets) 1min heavy bag knees

12med ball sit-ups+ 12 both hands on one DB 50lb clean and press= 5 rounds

Total time 30min

Then 3x1min med ball twist+3x1min flutter kicks


Dragon flags negatives 5x5negs+ 5x1min mountain climbers=10min

Burpees 25/vups 50x1min bike crunch /burpees 15/vups 50+1min bike crunch/burpees 15/vups 50=15min

then about 10min later

Burpees15/vups 50X 3rounds with bike crunches and knee tucks at end=11min


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