Pushups 4x25x 1min back bends+3×30 sec l-sit holds


Amrap in 20

10 hang power cleans 45#barbell

10 front squats 45# barbell

10 pullups with bands

I did not have to stop on any ofthe cleans (so no penalty pull-ups)

I did 11 rounds in 21minutes(last round was 30 cleans,30 squats and ten pull-ups  to burn out)

Then after was

(Burpees 30+Mountain climbers1min)

Reverse leg raises x10

(Burpees x20 for rest of rounds+1min mountain climbers)

Decline sit-ups x 10 with1minutes 10lb twist

Did 6 rounds back and forth total=(5 x10 leg raises/5×10 sit-ups/5x1min twist/5x1min mountain climbers/120 Burpees)

Then 15 divebomber Burpees x 1minheavy bag knees= 3 rounds

Totals= (25minutes)


Limited warm-up as I did yoga prior to WOD-

Warm-up bench- 10wbar 7w bar+ 20 5 w/ 95

5w / 135

5 w/ 145

5w/ 150 (5rep max- back bent to struggle last rep)

5w/ 150




4w/ 155

In between each bench attempt was circuit of

36′ -40′?- box jumps x12 ( 10 x12jumps total) then right into

BB curls 55lbs- x10, (5 sets)+2×6 w/ 65)-rest about 30-40sec before bench

so it went bench/jumps/curls-repeat

Rest 1-2min

Then another- A1) dips 5×10

A2) assted neutral grip pull-ups 5×5 (rest 30sec before each round)


Burpees 20        Burpees 15                       Burpees 15

Vups 50             Jumprope 100singles      rollups 25

6rounds             vups50                               Vups 50 w/60 bike crunch w/1mn flutterkicks      5rounds                              3 rounds

Lunge jumps 3×35+ 5×10 incline pushups feet on top heavy bag+ 2×15 Burpees+ 2×50 vups with bike crunch 60 reps

Total time = 1hr 15min +


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