AM) biking then


5 Bulgarian squats each leg-then wait rest of minute

Then repeat for 30min


warm up with bar Power Snatch (or as close as I can get, studied form techniques on crossfit/youtube.) 10,7,5,5

Then bar + 5’s= 55# x5 reps

65# for 5 reps

65# 5 reps

65# 5 reps

72# 3-4 reps

65# 5 reps (that appears to be max)

Burpees 30 (then 20 rest of rounds), mountain climbersx1min, Decline situps weighted x15, Dips B/w x 8 , Assted pull ups x 6-  5 ROUNDS= 24min

THEN- Decline Bench x 5

Toe to bar attempts x10

Single arm DB clean from floor to shoulder 50lb x7 each arm

5 Rounds= 15min+ maybe a bit more.

bike home + 50 burpees.


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