AM) pushups 4×25 w/ 4x1min back bridge holds/ 3x1min eachside Oblique planks+ 3min front plank

Later- WOD#1

Burpees 30,(20 for duration),

mountain climbers1min

, vups 50,

invert chins 10,

jumprope singles 100,

x 5 rounds

Burpees 20,

vups 50,

med ball twist 60sec,

x 3 rounds

Burpees 20

Weighted leg raisesx 20

X 3rounds

About 40-45 min

LATER -3hrs


WARM UP AS RX- didweighted sit-ups though-1×30, 1×15,

DEADLIFT- 10, 7, 5,Bar, then 135+

5 w 205            ( 1×15 Decline sit-ups)

5 w  210          ( 1×15 Decline Sit-ups)

3 w 225  3rep max ( 1×15, Decline sit-ups)

3 w 225            (1×15 Decline sit-ups)

3 w 225  (bad form starting to creep in)


AMRAP 5minx 5 roundswith 2min rest in between:

(Pullups with lightband to barely get 5-6, Dips 10, walking lunges 15 each leg)

GOT 3 rounds each5min segment (going over about 10-23 sec) did 15 total rounds- Total time 35min

On dips got 10 formost first rounds then at end was doing 7 then rest a little then 3 morewithout letting go of bars) did lunges to and back right under bar so nopauses)

THEN Burpees x10 onto24’box + decline bench dragon flags x15= 5 rounds

2×15 Burpees = 18min

Bike home 25# rucksack

Burpees 15, vups 50,flutter kicks x 3 rounds

Ride to Lift

ABOUT-another 3-4 rounds of 15 burpees+ 3×10 incline pushupe+ 3x1min yoga leg holds+ 50vups+ 20 weighted


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