Well after pushups 5×20 + back bends 4x1min and 2x30min bike

Rode to gym 15-20min

Burpees 30

Then 5 rounds for time

Burpees 20

mountain climbers x 1min

Decline situpsx 15

Incline pushsups x 10

Asstd chins x 5

Back Squats 135# x 10 deep reps

Total time 35min

Rest 3min

Then 10 rounds for time

Snatch Grip Deadlifts x 10 reps with shrug at top 135#lbs

Burpees some with long jumpsx 20

weighted leg raises in roman chair x 12 last 3 replaced with 10lb bike twistx1min

cable standing press/flys x 10 reps


Time= 50min


total time 1hr 25min

bike home 15min


Burpees 15, vups 50 x6 rounds+ weighted bike crunches 3×60, 3x1min flutter kicks+ 3×10 leg weight burpees.=

today about 1hr 59min

Did about 4×15 burpees+ 5×15 invert rows+ 3×50 vups with twist+ some pushups


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