08=10- FRIDAY

AM) EMOM- Routine

Burpees- 30 (20)

Mountain climbers x 1min

Pushups x 10

Leg raises from L-sit x12

Assted CHins 6

8 rounds- 35min

PUSHUPSx20/ Back bends x 4x1min

BIKE 2×30 min


Burpees 15,

Pistols x 5x 6

Vups 50

x 6 rounds

Burpees 15

decline situps x 10

invert rows x 10

x 5 rounds

burpees 15 ( 5sets with 5lbs on feet)

weighted vups leg lifts/ bike crunches (60sec)+ flutter kicks ( 60 sec)

x 3 rounds


Rollups 2×25+

3×50 band curls

Lunge jumps 40,30,30

burpees 3×15+vups (weights) + bike crunched(wghts) (60sec) x 3 rounds

TOTAl- about 2 hrs 30min+


another sporatic burpees 15_ pushups 10-20_ vups 50= 4 of each


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