Flight prep

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AM) 5×20 pushups / 4x1min back bend



Burpees 30 (rest 20)

Mountain climbers 1min

incline pushups off pillars 12

Leg raises from Lsit 12

Asstd chins

x 8 round + 30 addtional burpees= 40min total

Bike 30 min


Dead lifts                         In between each set Decline situps x12

Warm up 10,7,7,

5 w/ 205

3 w/ 215

5w 210

4 w 210

4 w 210

5 w 210 (got it)

30min AMRAP

15 burpees
split squat lunges with 1 50lb DB held in working leg sidex 10 reps each leg
50 vups
15 invert rows
6 1/2 rounds in 30min
THEN- with 5lbs on legs/
15 burpees
30 vups
1min med ball rotations with bike leg crunches/ then flutter kicks 1min x 3,
x 8 rounds (another 25min)

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