AM) Burpees 20

         Invert chins 5

        Vups 50

X 6 rounds

Bupress 20-30

Mountain climbers 1min

Pushups 10

X5 rounds

BIKE-30min +30 burps+1min mountain climbers


1.Squat 165x5x5x8        2. Chins 5×2      3.Decline sit-ups 5×15

1.Bench 85x5x5x8        3. Hanging leg raises 5×10

2.Curls 65x8x8x8


single35# DB “russian”swings x25 each arm

24”box jump x12

Bench pushup x 15

X5 rounds=16minutes

Bike 15min


Burpees 20

Vups 50

X 4 rounds

bike 10min then

Tabatta bike sprints=8x20sec on 10off


10 burps(30sec)

1min med ball twist


Then 10burpsx(30sec) with 1min bottom squat stretch hold in between


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