squats 5,5,6 w 170       DB bench 5,5,8 25lb rght 50lb left

BB curls 10,10,10      pushups 20,20,20        shrugs 15,15,15

CONDITIONING- 12min EMOM- 100yrd sprints w/50# vest 12sets

BB pushups w/vest x5x8  +   Situps w/vest 5×10

invert chins 5×5    +    back bends 4x1min + pushups knne to elbow 5×12

PM) 100 burpees in 6min 50 sec+ back bends+ 3×20 burpees



Tabatta bike 8x20sec 10off= 6min riding

FMs) pushups through day 5×20

Chins 10×1

ABS- L-sit leg rasies 6×15

Decline situps 5×12 w 3x10lb 1min rotations


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