SO Today was

Reg Deadlifts 5×5 w 230
A1) floor press 6×5-6
A2) invert rows 6 x 10-12 (did chins earlier)
B1) DB hammer cheat curls 5×12
B2) dips 5x 3
Conditioning circuit:
20 burpees
20 one arm Db swings each arm so  20 one arm then 20 the other w 30lbs
20 standing cable rows
x 5 rounds
then 3x 10 burpee jump onto bench
       with 3 x 1min decline twist with plate
              3 x10 db pushups
Grip work was hanging for 1min grips
Before that was 1hr of
Burpees 30
mountain climbers 1min
chins 4
dcl situps 12
x 5 rounds
burpees 30
jumprope 1min
pushups spiderman 10
3-4 chins
15 dip bar leg raises
x 5 rounds
5×20 one leg psuhups with 4x1min back bends
bike 30min with 10×20 sec intervals tabatta
then 20 min ride to gym
workout above
20min ride home with 5 min sprint.

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