AM) bike 20min easy

Burpees 100 in 5min 35 sec

Front squats 5×5,1×12,1×3 (5 w 135)

5×100 sprints in between

B1) 50lb walk lunges 3×50+’ w 5×3 chins

C1) elevated pushups 3×12

C2) invert pulls 3×15

Sled drags 6min 100 yard reverse position every 100

spider man pushups 5×10+ 4x1min back bends+2x2min oblique plank+1min elevated front planks+3×10 upright rope rows

PM) Burpees 30+ mountain climbers 1min+ invert rows 12+ mill push-press 8 reps w 75, med ball sit-ups 12= 5 rounds


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