Today was
Burpees 30
mountain climbers 1min
chins 2-3
pushups 15 one leg
med bal situps 12
x 5rounds
Sprints 100 yard
burpees 20
x 10 rounds
Little than waist high box jump x 6
reverse leg raises off dcl bench x 8
x 5 rounds
Spiderman pushups 10
invert chins/reg chins 3-6( 5 rounds each.
med ball twist 3x1min


Went like this :

Burpees 30 then warm up
Clean and press 5x5cleans up to 3-4press w 95
DB rows 50 lbs 5×10 each arm
dbpresses ONE 50(3X10)
DB swings one arm 3×10,8,6
DB cleans one arm 3x 10,8,6
Jumprope 100 unders
burpees 30
pushups 15 one leg up
chins 2
Dip bar leg raises 15
x 5 rounds
burpees 30
mountain climbers 1min
pushups spiderman 10
invert chins 6
one leg pistol squat 5-7 each leg
dcl sit up 12
x 5 rounds
Pistols 5×5-7
burpees into tuck jump 3×10
flutter kicks with ab hits 3x1min
pushups 3×10
2×10 burpees with 2 50lb dumbells
4x1min back bends 5×5 pylo clap pushups

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