Last night pm) 100 burpees in 30,30,40- couple more sets pushups/vups


AM) burpees 30, vups 50,  med ball rotations 3x1min

x 3 rounds=100 burps total+ 3×10 stand to stand back bends and 3x 1min back bend holds

PM) through day 3×50 air squats/3×3 chins/3×25 pushups

tabattas sprints 8×20 sec (10 sec rest) with boots= 1/2mile walk/hike

then burpees another 100 in sets of 20-30

5×10 hanging leg raises+ 3×20 pushups

PM2) Yoga stretches-30min + 2×25 pushups+ 2×3 chins+ 1 set vups and med rotations 50, 60sec


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