Day 2  (SUNDAY)   

Lower Day  #1 Power

A1. Deadlift 8,6,4(255),6
A2. Weighted Squat Jump 8,6,6,6

3 Rounds #2 Weight Circuit 
B1. Front Squat  12-15reps
B2. Split Squat 10 each leg
B3. one leg pistols 10 each leg

3 Rounds #3 Circuit #2   
C1. RDLs 8-15reps
C2. High knees sprint 30 sec
C3. Tuck Jumps 10-12repseach leg 45 sec
Rounds x3 Calisthenics

C1. Knuckle Push-ups 30 sec
C2. Floor Licks 30 sec
C3. Walk-Outs 30 sec
C4. spiderman Push-ups 30 sec

Round 5 rounds 


C1. L sit leg raises 30 sec-15reps
C2. decline sit-ups 12 reps
C3. Decline Twist 10lbs 60sec
C4. V-up Crunch 10lb 50 reps

Round 3 rounds of

C1. side plank 60 sec
C2. Other side plank 60 sec
C3. Back bends 10 reps
C4. Back bends 1min hold 60 sec


Burpees 100 in 5min 50sec


50 v-ups and 2×5 chins then

Burpees 120, 100,50,50,20,20,20,20=400 diff rest periods but none more than 45sec

LATER- Another 2×50 burpees and 50 vups+ 1min flutter kicks with weights x two times at diff times= 200 additional burps

Additional- Burpees 50, weighted situps 15, x 5 rounds..2×10 pushups


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