3-9 friday cont….into saturday

Saturday) am- bike 30min


Squats ) 10×3 w 220, with 5×15 weighted leg flat situps, 5×30 weighted vups with 1min twist,


Burpees 100, 30 wighted vups, 1min weighted flutter kicks, 50 burpees, 30 w vups/flutter, 50 burpees (3×10 high jumps) , 30 vups, flutter kicks

back bends 3×12, 3x1min holds

5×20 pushups, 5×2 finger tip chins


OK well ended up doing over 1000 burpees again, sets of 2×50 and 2×50 vups

before was 5×5 pullups, 5×20 pushups,


a1. Mil push-press- 3×8, 3×5

a2. 5×15 weighted situps

burpees ….

B1. CHINS 5×5 CG

B2. L sit leg raises 5×15

burpees….vups , fingertip chins/ pushups/ jumps 1500 + burps total ect….


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