Been trying to get some R&R
Burpees 200-400 each day + dips+pullups+ pistols each day
plus mobility work each day


Today was) bike 30min

then hill sprints high knees 5-8 x 15-20sec each


Burpees 50          Burpees 50 (5 x 12 long jump burpees)

chins 5                   cg chins 5   

dips 5                    incline pushups 10

leg raises 10           variation leg raises 10

x 5 rounds               x 5 rounds


Handstand holds 3x1min

back bends 3×12 stand to stand


Shuttle sprints back and forth 35-40yrd x 4 runs x 6 rounds

Various kickboxing as well

 50 burpees


Biking 40min


100 burpees


3×15 sandbag clean and press with burpee

BB BAck squats 185×8

situps weighted decline x 20

BB Back SQUATS 195 x 6

Situps 20

BB B SQ 200×5

Situps 20

BB B SQ 200x 5

Situps 20

BB B SQ 200×5

Situps 20

Sand bag burpee and clean and press 3×15-20

situps 3×20-

burpees 50

5x1min med twist as well

pushups 3×25

pullups 2×5


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