DId some more burps and core on MONday night 200 total


Tues – burpees 100+

In day separate sets of (burpees 50, pistols 8, chins 5, leg raises 12, spiderman pushups 10) did about 6 sets of those


burpees 50      Pushups elevated 5×10 + chins 5×5

pull-ups 5          Pistols 5x8each leg

x 5 rounds        Leg raiess 5×12

PM) lunge jumps 12 e ach leg+ leg raises off chairs 12+ clap pushups 5 x 5 rounds

PM2) burpees 100 then( high jump burpees 20 + 20 weighted leg flat situps x 5 rounds) another 2×6 chins and 2x 10 walkouts into pushups (10,9,8,7 …)


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