Early 26th before bed

100 burps, 5×20 burps and 5x 20 leg raises


Today was third day on week 1 phase I

1-Dead lifts 5×3 260

2-front squats 4×6 150, 2a) leg raises 4×10

3a- pullups- 5×5 20s

3b- pushups off handles- 5x20s (15-17rep)

4a- farmer walks- 50lbs each hand-

4b- db swings- to head height- single arm- 50lbs-

5a- 20 high jump burpees x 5

5b- 20 weighted situps x 5

 In day 5×8 pistols, 4×20 pushups, 4×50 burpees


a1- chins 5×6

a2- dips 5×8

a3- lsit leg raises 5×20

100 burpees and 100 heavy bag knees and punches = total time 25min

then later

100 burpees and 2x 12 roundhouses

a1- walk outs into pushups 10 walk outs and pushups 10,9,….  x 3 rounds

a2- Weighted flutter kicks x 3x 1min

8 chins

Before bed- 100 burps then (5×20 high jump burps and 5×20 leg flat weighted situps)


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