LAX- begin on 7×1-7×3

outside MONDAY
AM) A1. Chins 5×6
       A2. pushups with feet on wall 5×20
       A3. Pistols 5x8each leg
       A4. leg raises 5×12
Burpees 100
LATER ( in the middle of my 12hr Medic course)
2×50 burpees and 5×6 pullups, hike 2×30 min in and out uneven but flat terrain, 2×50 burpees
PM) after work
A1. Mill press 5×5 90*
A2. MED ball leg flat situps and 1min ankle weight flutter kicks 5×20 and 3x1min
then 100 burpees with 3x20high jumps in the burpee, then 2×20 high jump burpees and another 60 burpees
3×6 pullups
3x walkout pushups with pushup at end of out 10,9,8,7,6,5,5,5,5,4
100 leg flat situps in 3min
1×5 L-sit pullup
back bends stand to stand 3×10 and 2x1min holds
Additional burpees and kicks+ 5×6-10 invert rows/chins+ 5×20 L sit leg raises
100 burpees
DEADLIFTS/ each set had weighted situps 5×20
5×5 250, 1x2w255
100 burpees
burpees 50 w 5×20 high jumps
pullups 6
dips 7-9 BW
leg raises 5×10
Pistols 8 each leg
AT WORK Burpees 6×50+ pushups
AM)2 burpees 100,
Burpees 6×50 in various 5×20 high jump ticlk burpees
3x 10 walkout pushups
3x 1min flutter kicks w weight
5×20 LSIT leg raises
kick boxing 10min
burpees with jumps and pause pushups+ 2×20 flat situps and 3x1min each side planks