AM) Burpees 100

Bike total 12miles about 8 with weighted pack (25-30lbs) and a good 10min sprint at end(lactic acid threshold)

Training right after in outdoor heat-

1.Weighted pull-ups 6×1 with pack on

1b. leg raises on dip bar 5×20

a1) b/w pistol squats 6×10 each leg

a2) b/w dips 5×10

a3) b/w chins 5×6

b1) b/w incline feet up on fence pushups 5×10-15

b2) back bends bridges into standing 3×10

b3) wall/ air squat sits 3x1min holds

b3) leg raises hanging 5×10

Heavy time) 5×5 one arm KB clean and press with all the way on floor for clean (5 cleans and presses each arm)

Flutter kicks and L sits 3x1min each ( 6 total)

Stretching/balanceĀ  work -15min



Burpee 100 in 5min 50 sec
back bends 3×10-12 to standing, 3x 20 pushups..1×10 pistols, 2×5 pullups

Bike 30 min with 3min hard
bike 30 min back easy

Deads 5×5 w 255, 1×1 265+ 5×10 hanging leg raises

A1. Burpees high jump 20
A2. Dips 8
A3. Pullups 3×5, chins other sets 3×6
A4. Decline sit-ups 16
x 5 rounds

Strict Mill Press 5×6

3x1mi weighted flutter kicks and 1min plank 1min front 1 min each side oblique

Burpees 100 and 100 flat situps

burpees 50 + 1min jumprope x 4 rounds

burpees 50+ 10 each leg Pistol one leg squat- x 5 rounds+ 2×6 chins


FX Warm up 100 burpees 5min 45 sec

FX as described:
1 x (6 – 4 – 3 – 30) BB Bench Press – Flat – 135#, 145#, 152#, 100#
(did 5×10 pistol BW SQ in between each set)
4 x 6 Body Pull w/ 2sec hold at the top
(did 5×10 hanging leg raise between each set)
Part II
4 x (Combo: 15 Bent Over Row/ 10 Biceps Curls/ 5 OH push-Press)
95#, 65#, 95#

Part III – 5 rounds –
8 med ball Push-ups
20 Med Ball Sit-ups – 10#
subbed 20 high jump tuck burpees in for Med Ball Slams –
5 Pull-ups

3×10 back bend to stand, 3x1min weighted flutter kicks, 3x 20 fast pushups,

Cardio- right after-

Bike 9miles some on sand, mountain frame with 10lb pack, to beach, 1 set pull-ups and leg raises, pushups on bars, then 500 meter swim out to buoy, chilled out, and rode back 9miles with 1 3 min sprint.
then 100 burpees in 5min 55 sec, light stretching/yoga
Later spaced out
Burpees 50
Chins 6
Lsit leg raises Dip Bar 20
pushups 20
x 5 rounds

Later- Burpees 100,
Kickboxing rounds 1min in between burps+ Burpees 50,30,20

A thought ?..

Hypothermia treatment pre-hospital:

Lets say you take 100 cups of 90 degree water. Add a single cup of 120 degree water to the total. The temp of the total is only going to be ~90.5 degrees. Mathematically, it is impossible to add enough warm fluids to artificially raise core temp. Hot chocolate and hand warmers can not reverse hypothermia! Not to say that the calories and hydration does not help, but stop believing that any real treatment for hypothermia exists pre-hospital, especially in a remote setting. What they taught/teach in class is/was taught simply because it is all that can be done, not because it will treat hypothermia.

In other words Specific heat is the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 1g of the substance by 1degC. The human body for all practical purposes is a big bag of water. It takes 1 calorie of energy to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius. A liter (1kg) of saline dumped into a 70kg patient just isn’t going to do anything, and you can’t flood the patient with IV fluid to warm them up. Now – you certainly SHOULD give warm IV fluid, because giving room temp (or lower) fluid to someone who is already hypothermic doesn’t exactly help them. But also remember – room temp fluid is 30degF colder than normal body temp. You can only give warmed IV fluids a few degrees warmer than normal body temp or you’ll start cooking RBC’s.

Thus to treat the truly hypothermic PT, prompt removal from the environment and transport to a trauma center is the only cure, where even the newest high tech methods can only raise CBT 9*C an hour…

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