9-1-2013- SunDay

AM) Short Conditioning:

100 burpees, 1×10 Pistols, 3×10 back bridges to standing, 3x 1min flutter kicks,

4×25 pushups, 2×3 pull-ups

PM) Heavy Day only…

1. Deadlifts- 8x 3 -255lb

A1- Mill Press BB 8×6,6,5,5,5,3,3,3

A2- Behind Neck pull-ups weighted- 8×3

A3- Leg raises , 5×10 hanging, 3×20 L-sit on dip bar

BIKE 2×30-40min

Burpees 100

1 chins 3×5

2. leg raises 3×20

A. Pistols 10 each leg

B. med ball pushups 8

c. Weighted situps 20

x 5 rounds

1A- DB curls x 15

2A- Band Fly x 10

x 3 rounds

1B Invert rows x 10

2B- Diamond Pushups x 15

x 4 rounds

50,40,30,20,20,20 burpees


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