Biked a couple days and some BW stiff


Burpees 100 in 6min

20 tuck jumps

6×10 pistol squat each leg

5×20 pushups and 3×10 incline pushups

5×15 L-leg raises

pullups/chins 3×5-6

3x1min wall sits

3×10 back bends into standing

Dips 5×9-10

Chins/pull ups 5×5, and 2×3 w/weight

incline board situps 5×10

3x1min weighted flutter kicks

Walking lunges with pack on 3x50steps and 1 w/100 steps

side planks 3x1min each side

Stretching 10min

ALSO Burpees and jumprope+kickboxing=20+ minutes

Jumps+ invert rows 10+ med ball pushups 10= 5 rounds

1000 burpees total


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