Last AM) 300 burpees with weighted situps and jumprope


In day- 3×30 pushups

             3×6 chins

              3x 1min flutter kicks

back bends 3×10


1) Bar DL 5 x 5 w/ 255

1b) Leg raises 5×10

(1×10 DB OA Floor Press)

2A) Floor Press 5x 5 w/ 145

2B)Pistols 5×10 each leg

2C) pull-ups mx grip 5×5

3A) DB hammer cheat curls 5 x 6

3B) Dips 5×6 hands flat to mimic pushup

3C) Decline situps 5×10

100 weighted punches on decline board

100 burpees w 3×20 high jumps in there


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