(12PM) WED—THURS (6am)

Burpees 100 , 3×8 chins, 5×20 med ball feet pushups, 3x1min each side planks, 3x 1min med ball planks, 3×10 back bridges to standing, Hindu squats 100,50,50,.

5×20 high jump burpees w/rest of (2x1min jumprope, 2×100 heavy bag knees, 12 roundhouses each side)

Tabatta Burpees (20on, 10off, 8 rounds)

Bike about 45-1hr w/3min sprint @ end

* Sprint workout+Burpees 20 (10 x 100 yrd sprints w/30sec rest in between)



A1-Barbell Clean and Press 5×5 w/ 90lb

A2- Invert rows 5×10

B1- DB/KB one arm swings 10 each arm

B2- DB/KB one arm cleans 10 each arm

5×10 leg raises and 3×50 burpees.

(500 burpees total in day)



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